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Freddy Wong

At age 18, while studying for his BA degree in Melbourne, Australia, Master Freddy Wong (Wong Ming) began training as a personal student of Grandmaster William Cheung. In 1999, Master Wong moved back to Hong Kong where he took over the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (Hong Kong Branch). There, he continued to receive personal instruction from Grandmaster William Cheung every half year. In 2003, Master Wong received his level 10 rank from Grandmaster William Cheung and became a certified instructor of the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. In 2012, he received his

Master rank and was appointed as Chief instructor for Japan. In 2018 and currently, Master Freddy is assign to be the Representative for Asia, for the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.


He strongly believes that Traditional Wing Chun is his most precious personal treasure that is passed down through a loyal and everlasting relationship between master and disciple. His life is dedicated to preserving and passing on Traditional Wing Chun to future generations. In his relationship with students, he values integrity, loyalty and dedication to the members of the school and to society in order to create a positive reality which will give birth to more positive realities. He fights with a fist of "creation" rather than a fist of "destruction".


In addition, Master Wong values a casual and flexible environment in which ALL questions, experimentation and full contact sparring are welcome from all students at any time. He is a Sifu who wants to learn from his students as much as his students can learn from him. His dream is that one day, YOU his future student will surpass him and take Traditional Wing Chun beyond to the next level.

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